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Stage LED display solution

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Suggested Product:

P2.5mm stage ED display

P3.91mm stage LED display

P4mm stage LED display
--P5mm stage LED display
--P6mm stage LED display

--P10mm stage LED display


Solution details of stage LED display


1, The stage LED screen Mainly used in large concert, fashion shows, big events, exhibitions, entertainment discos etc.


2, It requires video processor and high refresh rate. The video processor enables the LED display contact with all other

Equipment  like camera, VCD, DVD, HDTV etc and can do seamless switching between images. The high refresh rate make the led screen with more stable picture images and there is no picture flicker even shoot the screen through camera.


3, The rental LED panel can be installed and dismantled conveniently with thin and light weight cabinet.


4, The multimedia LED screen system allow the led display create virtual scenes and vivid color effect. It can be used as a led video wall and can be background of stage.





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system 2.jpg