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The Training With Nationastar LEDs Jul 06, 2019

On July 4, 2019, in order to have a better understanding of Nationstar LEDs, we invited two technical advisers of Nationstar to give the training for us. As the leading enterprise of LED packaging industry in China, Nationstar is one of the largest manufacturers of LEDs and has participated in provincial and national projects for many times. It uses chips of San’an and Epistar (two famous chips brands) to encapsulate their lamps. Litestar and Nationstar have established the business relationship for a long time. Many projects of our company use the LEDs of Nationstar.



According to their marketing position, their LEDs are divided into four series, respectively RS, FM, NH, and wholesale products. Then they introduced different types of models and the performance of their LEDs in every series, which could help us to provide more suitable LEDs for different customers’ projects in the future. They also mentioned the definition of “common-cathode”, their Mini LED and the differences between LED and COB.



In summary, this training was finished successfully. All the workers in our foreign department learned a lot from this training. Our company has been adhering to such principle: salesmen should have not only good sales skills, but also professional ability, so as to better serve our customers.