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The Training About Video Processor With RGBlink Apr 10, 2020

To enhance knowledge of video processor, on 10th April, 2020, our company invited Mr. He (the engineer of RGBlink) and Ms. Ye (the sales manager of RGBlink) to have a training to our international sales department members.


First, Mr. He introduced his company briefly. RGBlink, founded in 2009, is a world leading professional video products manufacturer, dedicated to developing and building quality video products for professional AV applications that make advanced video accessible to a broad range of visual markets.


 Led screen


Then he gave introduction to the functions of video processor. Video processor is high-performance image processing and control devices for full color LED displays. Generally, video processor has six functions: image quality improvement, signal conversion and switching, screen zooming, multi-screen, LED screen splicing, long-distance transmission and control. Mr. He explained each function one by one in details, which deepened the understanding of video processor for our sales members.




Next, Mr. He showed some of thier products, such as X1PRO E, X2, V2 and so on. In the following time, he combined some specific cases with their company’s products to tell us how to choose suitable processor, though it was a little bit difficulty for some new salesperson to understand, everyone was listening with avid attention.


 video processor


Finally, the training was ended in question and answer session, through this training, every sales members gained a lot. Litestar sales team will keep learning and providing the most suitable solution for customers.