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The Induction Training Exam For New Employees Jul 11, 2020

On July 11, 2020, Litestar is conducting induction training exam for new employees. New employees are all taking the exam seriously. This is a test of their training in the past one month.

 Training test

Our company is growing steadily, and pays more attention to the input and training of talents. Recently, with the increase of business, the company has recruited a group of new salesmen. As usual, the company conducted a one-month professional knowledge training for new employees. Litestar not only pays attention to quality, but also service. The company believes that mastering professional skills can provide better services for customers, so the company will systematically train every new salesperson.

On the one hand, the company will arrange new salesmen to go to the factory to become familiar with every production step. From the production of cables and modules, the aging of modules, to the assembly and aging of the LED screen, the salesmen of our company must be familiar with every step. New employees need to introduce the factory as a test. If they invite customers to visit the factory or video call in the future, they can also introduce the products and factories to customers in great detail.


On the other hand, the company will train knowledge about LED chip, LED lamp, drive IC, control system, video processor, etc. These knowledge may be used in communication with customers, mastering these knowledge can solve problems better for customers.



The newcomer is an indispensable talent for Litestar's future development. Litestar will also grow stronger due to the newcomer's passion and hard work! Litestar will continue to provide our customers with quality products and professional services in the future.