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P3.91 Outdoor Rental LED Display In Portugal Jul 24, 2019

Outdoor rental LED display

Location: Portugal

Model No.: P3.91mm

Size: 5mx4m

Nowadays, grand events are not unusual in our daily life such as concerts, celebrations, graduation ceremonies and so on. However, a successful event is inseparable from the LED video wall. The LED screen can provide dynamic stage background and highlight your events. It can enliven the entire atmosphere and can let the audience immerse themselves in the scene.

We offer the outdoor high-quality P3.91 lightweight LED display which can be used for rental and fixed installation. We are glad to receive the pictures from the customer in Portugal. Our customer has installed LED display and applied it to the event successfully. The audience was deeply attracted by the pictures on our rental LED display. There is no doubt that this type of rental LED display make the event more active and colorful.

If your business is mainly for events, welcome to contact us freely. We always provide a suitable rental led screen for you.

P3.91 rental led display.  png

P3.91 outdoor rental led display