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Magic Box: Video Processor Jun 06, 2019

With the march development of LED display industry, its related devices accordingly turns more and more sophisticated. Video processor is among the most vivacious. Rental companies hosting events have felt the importance of video processor most keenly, driving by a need to present vivid staging background performance. Then, here comes a question: what on earth is the power of video processor?

“In a word, it’s something that can convert the image signal from external devices such as computer and hd player box into the signal acceptable to LED display.” said by Mr Ni, a sales engineer of VDWALL. (VDWALL, founded in 2006, is one of the oldest domestic high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D and manufacturing of LED display video processor.)

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According to his words, its magic power can be traced to four main functions. 

  • The first one is  resolution specification conversion. Generally speaking, the signal resolution provided by image signal sources (such as blu-ray DVD, computer, hd playback box, etc.) has fixed specifications while the modular Mosaic display of LED display makes its resolution almost any value. Video processor converts a variety of signal resolutions to the actual physical display resolutions of LED displays.

  • The second one is Scaling.   During the conversion of resolution specifications, the image needs to be scaled so that the full image can be displayed on the screen whether the resolution is increased or decreased.

  • The third one is Color space conversion. LED displays have a wide color range, while most image signals have a small color space (such as the NTSC). Color space conversion is necessary for LED display screen to have good image display effect.

  • The fourth one is Seamlessly switching. When switching signal source, there will be no black or white screen during the replacement of pictures or videos by just connecting multi-computers. 

Before the training, it's hard for me to imagine that so many briliant functions contains such a small box. Now I totally believe a old Chinese saying ‘Every trade has its master.’ As one of the member in sales team, there are still lots of things we need to learn, driving by a need of being more professional and reliable in LED industry.