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Litestar Annual Party Jan 15, 2020

As the Chinese New Year Holiday is approaching, in order to promote the spirit of the enterprise, show the style of employees, thank the leaders and all staffs for their hard work and the support of all corporate partners, Litestar held annual party on January 11th, 2020. This annual party invited all the employees of Litestar and some of our suppliers, such as Nationstar, Novastar, Tranchled, Lixiang Display Technology Co., Ltd and some other excellent companies. 



At the beginning, Mr. Deng, (the chairman of Litestar), Mr. Li (the CEO of Litestar), and Mr. Yang (the manager of production department) respectively reviewed the development of company in the past year and looked forward to the next year. In 2019, though the economy of foreign trade is downturn and the LED display industry are under great competition pressure, Litestar has made great progress in 2019 because of good quality products, competitive price and excellent service attitude. In 2020, Litestar colleagues should work harder with passion and pursue perfection to create the biggest value for clients.



Every progress of the company is inseparable from the joint efforts of all employees. Next, awards were given to outstanding employees from various departments, including manger, salesperson, workers and so on. All these people showed their style in this party. In the past year, managers showed loyalty and responsibility with a professional perspective and unique management. Workers were dedicated to their work and did every job well. The salesman persisted in giving the customer the best solution, the products with best quality and the best service day after day. As a result of earnest work in 2019, many colleagues have received red envelope with different amount as rewards. Ivan, the sales champion, received a bonus of up to 120,000 yuan. By rewarding employees with outstanding performance, it is believed that the subjective initiative of all employees can be mobilized and they will be fully engaged in the work in the next year.

 awarding 2



In the following sessions, all people had a delicious dinner together, then some colleagues sang and danced to activate the atmosphere, next, did some fun games, finally, the party was finished with the exciting raffle draw. Everyone's face was filled with joy and happiness.





The annual party was held successfully. Through this annual party, colleagues deepened their understanding of each other and enhanced friendship. In 2020, the employees in various departments will cooperate more closely. All staffs in Litestar will unite as one and take a confident attitude to welcome the opportunities and challenges of the new year.