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Linsn Control System: Great Training For Our Sales Team Jun 03, 2019

On 2019, May 11th, several technical personnel of Linsn came to our company and arranged training for our sales team, both of us enjoyed a good time.


Nearly after 20 years since its founding, Linsn has long been devoted to LED display control system, from development and manufacture to sales and services. With its tremendous achievements, there is no doubt that this decades-old company has become a monument to its own success. As a result, our sales team benefits a lot from the training.

During the session, the marketing manager Miss Xu gave us a brief introduction about their products. There is a wide range of production series including large transmission series, all in one video processor series, 3D master, Play-box series, MINI series, on board HUB series and typical series. 


Each series has its own advanced functions. Take TS962, one of the products under 3D master, for example, its added built-in small screen enables operator to preview pictures or videos he plans to show on LED display. Meanwhile, TS962 with its edging advantages is able to present vivid 3D effects. 


Then, Miss Xu recommended some favorable combination with specific situations which involve non-box small spacing solution, super large screen solution, transparent screen solution, typical screen 3D solution, multiple backup schemes, and rental screen solution.


After her introduction, our sales team threw some questions to Miss Xu about their products, typically involving functions, DVI and receiving card. Her clear explanation gave us a better understanding of their products and also the Linsn control system.

In the end, I’d like to quote a sentence form Gordon Li, the CEO of our company (Litestar LED Co., Ltd) : It’s necessary for all of us to take such training and keep learning all the time. As a member of sales team, if we are able to deal with the basic after-sales services independently, our clients would be more confident and reliable to our company. 

That’s the goal every member of our sales team should pursue for. Only by this way, our sales team is set to be better.