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A Wonderful Bonding Activity In Huizhou Jun 21, 2019

There is no denying that rest is a good thing for efficiency. Definitely, Mr Deng and Mr Li, two bosses of our company know it very well. Driving by a need of relaxing our staff after long time work, they decided to organize a two-day- bonding-activity for us in a beautiful coastal city!


This good news exactly heartened every employee. And on the day of the trip, it is easy to see that almost every girl put on their eye-catching outfits with delicate makeup. They are ready to welcome a memorable journey.

The place we were going to called Xunliao bay, one of the cleanest bays among hundreds of kilometers at the east of Guangdong, China.


On arriving at the tourist destination, we are all attracted by the beauty of the sea. Especially when we are standing in front of the coastal line, it seems that the horizon sea line contains a wider world that allures us to adventure. And we would. But before exploring the sea, there are several funny group activities waiting for us.


Here I’d like to introduce one of our activities to you. At the very beginning, all of us have been divided into two groups. And each group is required to wear their team uniforms and pick up their tool, a sliver bouncy ball. Then within the team, two members need to corporate with each other to meet the game rules that they are supposed to jog and meanwhile hold the ball with their back until reaching the definition. No hand touch. Keep the ball from falling down. Or this group should turn back to the origin and set off again. After every member took part in, early finished group would win. When we finally get started, it seems that each team is ready for welcoming champion. Later on, the whole beach had seen a fierce competition awash with sunlight and happiness.

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Nothing but accommodation is the most laudable thing. We got a air villa! The moment we stepped into the house, all of us feel nothing but relaxed by its well-layout and elaborate design. I turns even more appreciate it when this well-functioned house boasts of a swimming pool and KTV room. Such a surprise! At the corner of supper time, everyone is agog with great excitement to prepare a wonderful BBQ night.

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When it comes to BBQ, it is reminiscent of a carnival night with beer, delicious food and music. That’s what we spent the night. Some holds microphones, or sitting, or standing, singing all kinds of songs from pop to rock. Some, beers in hand, leans against the railing, chatting casually with surrounding people. Some engages with the food. Some is keen on taking photos. There are various activities yet there is no doubt that we are all enjoying the night!