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A Memorable Tour For Litestar International Sales Department Aug 14, 2019

Though summer is hot in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province of China, it cannot prevent the pace of our outings. In order to enhance team awareness and make us relax after tense work, on August 11, 2019, our company organized all members of international sales department to play outsides together.


Considering the weather, distance and some other factors, we finally chose the beautiful Songshan Lake as the destination. First, we went to Fantasy Baihuazhou, a flower theme park, which is a bright pearl in the scenic spot of Songshan Lake. The planned area of the park is 500 mu, including Baiguoxiang Garden, Roman Garden, Rose Affection and Interactive Amusement Facilities and Performances.


We walked in such a picturesque garden, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the beauty of nature. We took pictures of each other, and even colleagues wearing red, green and blue clothes stood together to imitate the color of led screen. It can be said that the display screen exists everywhere in their life. Indulged in this beautiful scenery, all of us seemed to have forgotten all the troubles of life. Then we experienced riding and played with recreational facilities together. At that moment, we were more like family members than colleagues.


In the afternoon, the plan was to ride around Songshan Lake, but changes always run faster than plan. It rained heavily after we had finished our meal. We had to stay at the place where we had eaten. Then someone gave the suggestion for werewolf killing games, which can test our acting skills and logic. Everyone was very interested in it. After burning their brains several times, everyone had a great time. It seemed that the rain had no effect on our moods. Finally, we ended the day with a funny and easy word-guessing game.


This tour is undoubtedly successful, everyone feels very happy and relaxed, and at the same time, we have deepened the understanding of each other and strengthen our friendship. Look forward to the next one!