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LSP Series Ultra Thin 600*337.5mm Small Pixel Pitch 16:9 Low Cost Front Service LED Video Wall For 2K/4K/8K LED TV

Litestar LSP serie small pixel pitch led video wall uses supper thin (28mm) cabinet, the high precise die-casting cabinet is with 16:9 aspect ratio.The led cabinet supports fully front access for easier installation and maintenance. It is perfect to make HD/2K/4K/8K led displays.It has P0.9mm, P1.2mm and P1.5mm pixel pitch options.


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16:9 aspect ratio LED panel is perfect to make golden ratio small pixel pitch LED screens

600x337.5 led cabinet


The thickness of our LSP series is only 28mm including the module, It is one of the thinnest fine pixel pitch led panel on the market

super slim led display

Power and signal cables go through cabinets internally, no external cables make the led video wall looks more nice and save installation space.

cableless led panel

Fully front access led video wall design. Modules, power supply, receiving card, cables, and other components can be all changed from front for easier installation and maintenance.

front service led wall

160 degree super wide viewing angle small pixel pitch display enables excellent pictures from sharp viewing angle

wide viewing angle led video wall

Low brightness with high grey level make the narrow pixel pitch led video wall images more vivid. 

High refresh frequency ≥3840hz makes the led display with no flickers when take photos

high contrast led video wall

16:9 led panel enables small pixel pitch LED led screen achieve full 2K/4K/8K displaying effect without compression.


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