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Commercial advertising LED display solutions

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Suggested Product:
--p10mm LED billboards
--P16 LED billboards
--P20 led billboards


Solution details of advertising LED display


1)     Dynamic

The advertising LED billboards can show any pictures, texts include HD videos without limitation. It Overcomes the disadvantages of traditional billboard which could only show limited pictures and information


2)     Adjustable

Contents of led screen can be changed at any time according to customers’ needs.


3)     Attractive and Shocking

Strong visual impact pictures on the digital billboards attract pedestrians and drivers to watch.

Full color LED video wall could show high-definition video and grand pictures in florid colors. It’s so dynamic which has strong impact and shocking strength


4)    High brightness and energy saving

The brightness is over 6000nits and can reach 10000nits in maximum, it is visible even face sunshine directly. It is energy saving led display and good for environment.


5)    Remote control

You can control all LED signage information through remote network. Allowing you to control the led displays of several cities in one place to change the contents any time.


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system 2.jpg

system 3.jpg

system 4.jpg